Welcome to our world of technology empowered Healthcare Services and Solutions!

MedicusTech is a business unit of diacriTech (established in 1997) and a leading service provider of IT-based innovations in Healthcare Service delivery and management.

At MedicusTech, we continuously focus on getting ahead of Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare; Mobility and Cloud access, Wearable and IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and the likes of it. These trends are our stepping stones for innovation and growth in providing optimal health care.

With our right combination of tools, insight, and expertise, Healthcare Providers can now connect the role of three P’s: Patients, Physicians, and Payers effectively besides enhancing wellness, prevention, or treatment procedures.

Proven technical expertise in digital initiatives has also empowered MedicusTech to handhold leading scientific and medical publishers in their transit to digital-first publishing.

For the Patients, GPs, and Healthcare Organizations. We help to

  1. Enable more informed decision making
  2. Stay on top of treatment plans and track the progress
  3. Improve administrative efficiency and coordination
  4. Gain visibility & better insights with medical data &research
  5. Provide Connected care through social media


Whether it’s about smart diagnostics, advanced informatics or patient-enabling technologies such as portals and wearables, our aim is to design, prototype, build and develop software to augment the capabilities of patients and healthcare providers.


From enabling health workforce to develop their competency to creating new uses of clinical data that can help reduce risk for patients, provide affordable, quality and sustainable healthcare,we leverage technologyin the best possible ways to support a healthier planet.


Beyond servicing leading STM (Science, Technology, and Medicine) book and journal publishers; our proven technical expertise in digital initiatives has also empowered us to handhold them in their transit to digital-first publishing.