App Development

Whether it is about disease diagnosis, drug reference or clinical communication, for your mobile initiative to be successful you need to develop a specialized App at what you do best in HealthCare. And for your app to stand out, it must not only exhibit the unlimited potential of mobile innovation but also exceed the usability of the millions upon millions of other apps in the marketplace.And this is where we can help.

2D / 3D Animation

Whether you need to market new medical devices, educate patients or simply illustrate concepts for medical training, you will find that communicating the complexities of Medical Science or Human anatomy cannot get better than this! Our work says it all ! Using the latest modeling and animation tools to create realistic depictions of medical concepts, we bring your viewers one step closer to total immersion.


Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality technologies is one of the hottest digital transformation trend driving innovation in Healthcare applications today. The potential of these technologies for re-imagined Health Care is endless. We believe creativity is the only limit!

Website Development

It happens within an incredibly short time frame! The first impression that your prospective customer gains on visiting your website. At medicusTech, we believe the way your Healthcare website looks, feels and functions goes a long way to create that first impression. And to ensure that the first impression formed is a positive and lasting one, we take every effort to provide


Medical Illustration

Without art, medical science can be bleak and uninteresting. Anatomically precise, visually appealing images, illustrations, and 3-D animations go a long way to make medical science come alive. And they also help to make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more effective and appealing.