Medical Fair Asia Singapore – August 31st 2016

The MedicusTech Business team participated in Medical Fair Asia 2016, the 11th international exhibition on Hospital, Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical, Medical & Rehabilitation Equipment & Supplies held in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore between 31-Aug-16 and 02-Sep-16.

This event offered a platform for industry professionals to showcase their capabilities and products through onsite demonstrations and technical seminars.

Connecting healthcare with innovative technologies has resulted in new and breakthrough advancements with potential to transform care and value for patients. MedicusTech team shared information about the latest technological advancements transforming HealthCare industry in areas such as Patient centered care, increased data influx, Wearable tracking devices etc. Ways to uncover the endless possibilities of Augmented and Virtual Realities within the realms of healthcare services was a major topic of interest. The agenda also included discussion on how actionable insights can be derived from data analysis and surveys which leads to informed decision making in the Healthcare industry, Writing and Editing services and other Digital Content development for healthcare organizations. Apps that enable provision towards optimal healthcare services was also highlighted upon.