With the rising popularity of hand held devices like iPhone, iPad & Tablet and major breakthroughs in e-Reader technologies, readers are always on the look-out for more options to enrich their reading experience. Here’s good news; The November 2015 release of SSPARKL e-Reader by MedicusTech has won the hearts of many e-Reading enthusiasts. It has all the additional features readers typically look for in a software e-Reading app to make the reading experience totally natural and unconstrained.

Here’s a summary of its features:

SSPARKL is a high-performance, portable and multi-platform eReader application developed by MedicusTech; featuring excellent reader and library management features. Beyond reading of text, ssparkl lets readers highlight text, add notes, search text and share personalized highlights and notes with friends in their social network. SSPARKL has been designed keeping the reader in mind and is simple to use, with a great look and feel. It has special customizing options that enables readers to personalize the reading experience to their liking.

Library Management features the ability to

  1. Browse and purchase commercial eBook titles by accessing online store. Books can be downloaded to read offline.
  2. Manage your books in easy to use virtual “Bookshelves” with display, search and sort options. Bookshelves can be both standardized and user defined.
  3. Synchronize furthest page read, bookmarks and highlights across devices.
  4. Create and deploy your own social bookmarking group with readers who have similar interests.
  5. Use automated software update feature to keep track of the latest version of app.

Reader Management features allow users to

  1. Highlight key words and phrases easily with annotation support
  2. Share highlights and annotations with others in your social bookmarking group.
  3. Use Page navigator controls to navigate through the eBook in an easy and convenient manner.
  4. Seamlessly search and navigate within text, TOC, annotations, highlights
  5. Adjust the size of text to make reading easier by using zoom option.
  6. View progress bar to know the percent of the eBook read.
  7. Take advantage of theme settings and other viewing features to enhance readability.
  8. Invoke Print option depending on DRM settings.
  9. Use built in text-to-speech feature for a unique audio hearing experience.
  10. Invoke online dictionary to look up the meaning of a word with ease.
  11. Experience complete multimedia OR life-like simulation by expert incorporation of 3D animations and videos, interactive print and graphic designs, augmented reality solutions.
  12. View advertisements that are served targeting their preferences and close the posting conveniently with a single click/tap.

SSPARKL provides the option to serve advertisements without hindering the reading experience. Inside these advertisements can be placed different advertising elements such as

Texts: Text sections utilize both advertising-like copywriting texts and product- or service-specific information texts.
Photos: It is possible to add Brand image photos or product catalogs.

Videos: Videos may be commercials or demonstrations where product or service characteristics are being explored through animated images and sound.

Touchable Content:
Instead of letting readers click the images in a traditional manner in embedded campaign sites, this enables a more creative way of “twiddling” the product.

Social Media Linking: Providing linkages to company’s or brand’s Facebook or Twitter page.

E-Commerce: E-shop opens on top of an ad enabling a more user-friendly way of interacting with the offering.

Lead Generation: Enable readers to submit their contact information so that representatives of the advertising company may contact them in future.