Augmented & Virtual Reality for healthcare

Creativity paves way for Virtual & Augmented reality technology!

As a virtual reality app development company, Medicustech specializes in developing healthcare based smart devices such as Meta2, Microsoft HoloLens, HTC VIVE, Samsung gear VR headset, Cardboard and Daydream (Google VR platforms). Virtual & Augmented reality technology is increasingly being used to teach medical students, train new staff members and refresh current medical professionals on the skills of their trade. As virtual training becomes more common, health facilities are finding a number of benefits to the system over more traditional learning models.

What is Virtual reality & Augmented Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) in simple words is the creation of an artificial simulation with real world inputs by stimulating their vision and hearing.
Augmented reality (AR) on the other hand takes the real world of the present and projects digital imagery and sound into it.


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