Literature Search

Even in the best of situations, a little bit of preparation ensures a lot of success. Likewise, whether you need to conduct a simple background search or perform detailed meta-analysis for your research, a systematic strategy is extremely useful in your quest for precise, complete information.

Content Writing

Most content starts with written words. And is overlooked, ignored and forgotten soon after being viewed. It is only high quality content that connects with readers, generates attention and leads. At medicusTech we realize that when it comes to writing high quality content, what you say is just as important as how you say it.



It is often tempting to believe that the hard work involved in producing high-end technical documents or complex scientific manuscripts ends with drafting the final word. In reality, the path to publication may also present challenges while improving the quality of the final product.

Copy Writing & Editing

Even if a writer’s ideas are insightful and compelling, nothing will make a reader stop reading more quickly than poor Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. Moreover mistakes in writing can be both embarrassing and costly and at times even the most confident writers make them.


Text & Image Permissions

These are just few of the questions that arise when it comes to obtaining permission to use copyrighted material in the scholarly, educational or publishing environments. There is no specific number of words or lines that may be taken safely without permission and obtaining permissions to use copyrighted material can be challenging at times.

Video Publishing

In order to achieve excellent results in search engine visibility and increase customer base, it is important that you choose the most engaging platform possible to present content to your target audience. What matters most is not only capturing your viewers’ attention but also showcasing your products and services to its fullest potential and this where video publishing comes in. It is creative, innovative and it works!


Blog Writing

Establishing a successful web presence is only the first step in your journey to create online visibility. What really matters now is how you continuously improve your social media strategy to reach more and more potential customers. Curating relevant content is not only a great way to gain exposure but also one of the easiest.