Implementing Effective and Successful Learning!

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or simply an avid learner, “there’s no limit to your learning”.And to a large extent, effective learning – learning that is engaging, valid and appealing to a variety of learning styles works best to gain academic success, learner’s engagement and fulfillment.

At medicusTech, we focus on just that; Effective learning using skills and strategies which enable learners reach their full potential as never before.
Discover the best characteristics that enhances quality learning being integrated in our tools, apps and sites.Like

   A mix of learning simulations, games, organization tools, or traditional learning experiences
   Ability to personalize content to teacher’s / learner’s preferences
   Ability to adapt the curriculum based on student’s academic needs and learning goal
   Sound effects that are interesting, noticeable and motivating
   Graphics and supplemental visuals that are colorful and simulating
   Scores / progress overview, badges and rewards to motivate learner’s engagement
   3D interaction techniques in Augmented Reality

And also explore the opportunity for “hands on” experimentation and “minds on” reflection in learning environments that stimulate discovery and enhances understanding.


The best ideas and innovation can come from anyone, anytime, anywhere and ours has been sparked by the recent development of our in house e-reader SSPARKL. From simple operation guides to complex learning materials, by expertly incorporating 3D animations and videos, interactive print and graphic design, SSPARKL can help you create better visualizations and transfer knowledge to a greater extent. And that is not all.

SSPARKL offers.

   Settings that feels just as real as life itself
   savings in time and costs, devoid of the risks associated with learning in workplace settings
   provision to add layers of information & details for more accurate, enhanced, & comprehensive learning
   e-content in an ergonomic ,user-friendly, customizable and device-agnostic interface


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